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the OUIM

Who hasn't at least stepped on his silk or hooked it up to an obstacle?

Fishing, walking, without hanging silk, while having one or two rods with you.

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How it works ?

This harness is easy to put on and can be worn throughout the fishing game thanks to its practicality and lightness. 

✓ It is sold without the accessories.

You can choose the layout of the accessories. 

✓ Only the net is included with the vest.


✓ Easier - speed to put on the harness

✓ Robust - very comfortable, great ease in the mobility of the sign

✓ Practical for positioning the cane and net 

✓ Multi-function allows you to clip a multitude of accessories

✓ It is possible to compose the arrangement of the accessories on the harness yourself

✓ Epuisette included with the harness also serves as a silk picker.

Why use it ? 

It allows you to clip all the fishing accessories to have everything on you to be well organized.

More cane placed on the floor during a take, you simply clip it on the holder.

✓ The silk falls into the net and no longer to the ground.

✓ Roll 5, 10, 20 m of silk into the net and throw it all smoothly.

✓ The YES really makes fishing so you can only have fun.