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Porte-Brins l'AGPB

 The Great AdapterPorteBrins
Patented French Invention
Adaptable on many rods:
fly, knock, English, throw, blow, to the canine, telescopic, tele-adjustable.
Adaptable by simple warming of the notched legacy Wear silk, or yarn Hold the lure Contains the strands Removable to suit etc.

AGPB revolutionizes fishing!

porte brins canne a peche|plioir canne a peche|peche a la mouche|range brins canne a peche

How it works ?

This strand holder is preferably placed above your reel. One fastening leg at the end of the cane and the other fastening leg on the handle.

It will serve: 

✓ Transport handle 

✓ Storage for the strands of the cane  

✓ From folder to line 

✓ Maintaining a fly, hook or decoy, thanks to the magnet on the notched leg

plioir peche|porte brins agpb|porte bas de ligne


Saving time when assembling the cane

No need to cross the line in the rings every time

Avoids the tangling of cane strands when travelling by car

Easier to pass through congested areas

Cane ready to fish for the evening shot

Simplified transport to the water's edge

Very robust and solid even in the event of a fall

porte brins carbon|plioir bas de ligne

Why use it ? 

The AGPB combines the functions of strand door, and folder.

It is specially recommended for fly fishing, toc fishing, kick-fishing.

There are no limits to its use.

It is removable, in colored pvc, or carbon.

The presence of a magnet on the notched leg helps to maintain the lure (hook, spoon, fly...).

The instructions for use

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